Copywriting is about creating the text that persuades readers. It’s about building a picture that entices customers. It’s about converting a casual glance into motivation and action.

Good copy is about increasing your business.

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The Science of PERSUASION

Copywriting by Target a Market - messages that persuade
Customer profiles and mapping to target your markets

What’s Special about our Copywriting?

We find the words and supporting designs that not only communicate, but resonate, entice and motivate. We bring your brand and your story to life across every touch point, from ads to brochures to website content.

We use customer profiling databases to define your target market and identify the key things that motivate that target market - their preferences, their tastes and styles. You need to talk directly to your customers, building empathy from the outset. So that's what we do.

What about B2B Copywriting:

B2B copywriting is equally important. When you make a sale the benefits must be clear to the business but it’s still a person making the decision. Therefore you need your copy and designs to speak directly to the person making that decision.

We use Customer Profiling to find out how your targeted groups think - read more about customer profiling here

B2B copywriting from Target a Market

Website Copywriting

Great website copywriting converts:  Searches into clicks; Visits into sales. But before web content converts, it needs to connect, which is where our website content writing comes in.

If your website is your virtual shopfront in the largest market in the world, then your website content is your top notch salesperson. A salesperson who represents and differentiates your brand. Who entices and interests visitors; Generates leads; Converts prospects into sales then into loyal customers. So, is your website copy working hard enough? Ask us. (and remember – if you have any doubts your visitors will have many more).

SEO Website Content

Contrary to what some search engine optimisation ‘experts’ say, SEO website content writing isn’t rocket science. The key to creating web content that helps your website rank well on Google and generate organic traffic is fairly simple. You need to give Google, as well as your visitors, what they want (clue: it’s pretty much the same thing).

  • Make your brand, marketing and website work harder.
  • Win hearts, minds and new customers.
  • Choose your words (and designs) wisely