Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling to Match Your Services and Clients

Customer profiling is your second big step to improving your sales after carefully identifying your target market or markets. Understandinng what makes your potential customers tick means you can sell to your strengths and outshine your competitors. We start by matching your services or products with your ideal clients, clearly defining your market segments and the customer profiles that populate them. Understanding each segment gives you access to a wealth of data about your target markets and how best to capture them.

Customer Profiling and UK mapIdentifying the main motivations of your potential customers is a win-win, helping you really engage with customers and clients. You can refine your offer precisely to your markets; play on the key issues your customers want to hear.

Because people with similar characteristics live close to each other customer profiling also lets us plot out where they live.

Target Your Market

Pick out the main groups of people with the lifestyles, preferences and circumstances making them most likely to be interested in your services or products. Extend your knowledge by using customer profiling to understand your target market’s secondary motivations. Using these really helps you engage with customers and engaged customers are far more likely to remain as customers in the future.

Scale Your Market

Identify the scale of your markets across the country, and within areas. Balance territories, opportunities and your growth strategy. Using our on-going Data and Performance Analysis services allows you to continue to evolve as your markets and territories evolve.

theatreLocate Your Target Market

Find the scale of similar customers across the UK or within territories and prioritise your action plans. Find similar customers in other areas to identify exactly the best physical location for your new business. Locate your key markets to design marketing campaigns that are targeting your greatest potential and not missing customers or wasting your resources.

Customer Profiling Benefits

  • Match your services to your ideal markets
  • Learn how to best engage you target market
  • See the scales of your markets to focus actions and growth plans
  • Identify where you’ll find potential customers and locate in the right place, first time

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Customer Profiling Services for Franchises and SMEs in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the UK