Events Marketing for SMEs

Successful Events Marketing for SMEs

events marketing for successful events and exhibitionsSuccessful events marketing means building your own tailored events marketing pack.

You’re investing money and a big chunk of time into every event so make sure you get a good return on your investment (ROI) from it. Really thinking about what you’re showcasing and planning the materials for your event takes you from just one of the attendees to a business that gets noticed.

We’ll work with you helping you focus your messsage and produce an events marketing pack that really works for you:

  • Get noticed
  • Make vistors interested
  • Show off your USP
  • Make them want to talk to you

An Event, Exhibition or Conference is a marketing cost and an opportunity – make sure you get a successful payback.

Promote Your Business at Events and Exhibitions

Promoting your business at events and exhibitions needs a good Events Marketing pack that works for you and your budget. As a minimum you should be looking at a combination of:

  • Pull-up Roller Banners / Pop-up Banners
  • Desktop Roller Banners
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

All branded to your business with copy written precisely for your target market

Pull-up Banners / Roller Banners

promote your business with roller banners pop up bannersIf you want to promote your business, a new product or service at an event, exhibition or conference, our pull up roller banner design and printing service is ideal. These lightweight, portable roller banners are designed by us to get you noticed!

Simple and fast to put up, eye catching pull-up banners are a quick and convenient way to get the attention of visitors. And because they’re easy to carry, put up and put away, you can keep a banner with you and make your business stand out just about anywhere.

Our desktop banners are the perfect “pocket” version for any table so you can even create your own exhibition at. say, a networking event.

We work with you to produce an eye-catching, high-quality display that targets your market and meets your budget.

Flyers and Brochures

promote your business with leaflets flyers and brochures designed for your markets

Attracting customers to your display is the first step. Ideally you’ll sell to them there and then but the majority of visitors will want to see your flyers and brochures.

Effective flyers and brochures will keep you in their mind, highlight your USP and reinforce why they should be intereested in you. If your design relates to your stand as well as your unique services this helps them remember you making it easier for you when you follow up their enquiry.

Tailor Your Marketing Mix

If you’re attending an event make sure you tell everyone on your website. A carefully chosen Marketing mix will give your campaign the extra boost you want. To maximise your reach you need to combine relevant online and offline marketing tools.

For example, carry out an email marketing campaign at the same time as releasing leaflets or flyers. You’ll reinforce your message to anyone getting both and reach extra potential customers where they don’t receive one. Posters and magazine adverts can also work in the right places.

Then ensure you take your potential customers to a webpage that relates precisely to your event’s key marketing message. This might be an existing page or, better yet, let us create a dedicated landing page or post for this campaign. Again, it reinforces your carefully targeted message.


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