Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet deliveryYou already provide a great leaflet and flyer distribution service to your clients. How would you like to offer an extra, higher value service that earns you more? Better yet one that you only pay for if the client wants it?

Our white label customer profiling service lets you offer a premium, targeted leaflet distribution service to your high value clients. Your client gets their message sent only where their target customers live saving them thousands of wasted leaflets. Your client gets a much better response rate because their leaflets are all going to their target audience. So…

Map the Key Markets

street overviewAt least double the effectiveness of leaflet distribution campaigns by precisely targeting the right audiences and avoiding the wrong ones. We map the key markets for your clients to improve returns on investment and to minimise cost, effort and waste. Targeting at least doubles response rates.

Benefits of Targeted Leaflet Distribution to You

  • Charge more per thousand for a premium leaflet distribution service;
  • Get more work offering a service your competitors don’t;
  • Make more profit.

Benefits of Targeted Leaflet Distribution to Your Clients

  • Need fewer leaflets, saving them money
  • Target their message better
  • Get a better campaign response rate (normally at least double)

This is a win-win offer – if your client wants your standard leaflet distribution service you supply that as normal. If they want the premium service they pay a higher rate and we do the customer profiling and mapping. We’ll even put it all under your own name and brand.

What we Provide

  • We help your client identify the types of customer they’re targeting from our customer categorisation list or we can talk it through with them.
  • We identify where those types live and the numbers.
  • We map them out for your leaflet distribution teams.
  • After delivery we produce confirmatory maps for your client, marking out any “VIP” streets or avoided streets.

As additional services we can review campaign results to fine tune future campaigns and we can produce strategic wall maps for your and your clients’ offices.

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